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About Protect My College Student

We’re Always Here, Even When You Can’t Be!

Protect My College Student utilizes modern technology in the healthcare field to provide constant, fast and affordable care to college students throughout the nation. Utilizing MDLive’s telemedicine services, students can contact doctors and healthcare professionals 24/7. Our goal is to provide parents peace of mind as their children go off to college and are living away from home for the first time. This can be a nervous time for parents but knowing that their children have unlimited access to medical services and counseling provides them reassurance that their son or daughter are in good hands.

Facts About MDLive

· Over 30 Million members

· Over 1,300 licensed healthcare professionals

· 24/7 coverage

· Lower medical costs with use of telehealth

· Reduce use of ER’s and urgent care centers

· HIPAA-compliant

· Fast prescription orders to 24/7 pharmacies

Telemedicine Brings Care To You

The advantage of telemedicine is that you can access reliable healthcare from your phone, tablet or computer at any time. Protect My College Student’s network of experienced healthcare professionals are ready to assist with a variety of needs including urgent care visits; colds, stomach issues, fever, flu, ear aches, pink eye, migraines, nausea and more.

While a large number of colleges offer medical services, they may be limited on availability. Protect My College Student offers students immediate assistance, 24/7 and can also assist them if they are traveling. Students can access these services with any mobile device or computer with Wi-Fi access. Medical professionals can diagnose a condition, advise patients where to go for further assistance, recommend over-the-counter medications or prescribe medications from a local pharmacy, all during the consultation.

Protect My College Student offers around the clock care and protection for students who are living away from home for the first time.