“I ate out last weekend with my roommates at a local burger restaurant and got severe upset stomach and diarrhea. The next morning, I called MDLive and was explained simple measures to get better quickly. Saved me a ton of time and money and especially didn’t have to leave my room. Was back in class on Monday!”

Sarah B, Springfield, MA

“Had terrible headaches which I believe were to stress and issues with my boyfriend. Spoke to medical person at MDLive and they gave me solutions and I felt much better. It helped that I could visit with them privately too”

Ashley D, Macon, GA

“My parents gave me MDLive as a gift because they think there are too many cooties on campus! Told me that it wasn’t “if” but “when” I would use the computer to talk with a doctor and they were right. I got pink eye. Called the app on my cell phone and met with the doctor, who diagnosed my issue right on the phone! They arranged for me to pick up medicine at local pharmacy too. Highly recommend MDLive service.”

Caleb N, Columbus, OH

“Got the flu during the school week and connected to MDLive from my dorm room. I was face to face with a doctor on my computer. He asked a lot of questions about my condition and then prescribed me medicine. I went straight from my dorm room to the pharmacy which was great because I was feeling so bad. MDLive sent me a text later to check in on my condition. Felt like I had a bedside doctor! Not quite like mom being there but it worked well since she was 1000 miles away. Good service.”

Matt D, Jefferson City, MO

“My parents live in the UK and I go to school in the US. They gave me MDLive as a gift for access to doctors anytime I ever need them. Used them twice and was very impressed. They were caring both times and followed with me in my recovery. My mum gave this to me as a gift and I’ve told my friends about it too”

Jessica G, Cambridge, MA

“Was sick as a dog and didn’t need to leave my dorm room to get in front of a doctor. The doctor called my campus pharmacy with a prescription and I felt better the next day. MDLive service was a gift from my uncle”

John K, Minneapolis, MN

“Love the technology, ease of use and personal connection. Dr. talked to me which helped me recover. My mother bought this for me as a H.S. graduation present. Great gift. Thanks.”

Michael D, St. Petersburg, FL

“Better than expected. Dr diagnosed an issue I was having without me leaving my dorm room. Would recommend to others. Received MDLive app as a gift.”

Alexis A, Sacramento, CA

“Grandparents gave me MDLive as a gift. Pretty cool technology and will use it when I need it during college. I’m 700 miles away from home so…”

Carlos Z, Phoenix, AZ

“It works. Five stars.”

Samantha E, Grand Rapids, MI

“I was laid up with a sprained knee from playing basketball with my frat brothers. I iced and elevated it but, couldn’t drive anywhere. My stomach hurt and I had a headache. Dialed MDLive to talk with a physician. Definitely helped get me feeling better and back to school.”

Brandon F, Fayetteville, PA

“Germs are everywhere at school including gyms, classrooms, dorm rooms, classmates, etc. Received the MDLive service as a gift and didn’t use it my freshman year but, used it three times in my sophomore year (Flu, food poisoning, ear infection). All the MDLive doctors were great and I got back to class quickly.”

Emily S, Colorado Springs, CO

“MDLive works. Used it for a food poisoning problem and got prescribed medication. The whole experience felt personal and she followed up with a text. Would highly recommend the service. Was a great gift.”

Jessica W, Westbury, CT

“My sorority was hit with a flu bug and I came down with it too. Used the MDLive app and was able to get a prescription filled without going to the ER. Made my life a lot easier and less stressful”

Lauren M, Orlando, FL

“My grandmother gave this to me as a gift and I was somewhat skeptical but, the app on my phone came in handy. I was bedridden with upset stomach, vomiting and nausea and spoke face to face with MDLive who connected to my pharmacy with a prescription. Saved me time and money and it was super convenient. My Grandma is cool.”

Jose Q, San Antonio, TX

“Was under a lot of stress with school finals coming. Lots of studying brought down my immune system and caught a cold. Could not eat or sleep either. Spoke to physician from MDLive app and recovered quickly. I have recommended this service to my friends.”

Ashley C, Seattle, WA

“My parents signed me up with MDLive and I’m happy they did. It was second semester of my freshman year when I got really sick with nausea and vomiting. Used my computer to connect to a doctor without leaving my dorm room. Spoke to her about my conditions. She sent a prescription to my 24/7 pharmacy and was better in two days. Back to classes!”

James V, New York, NY

“Reached out to doctor from my laptop computer and she diagnosed me by video. Super convenient technology and follow-up by her was great. Would recommend them.”

Taylor T, Portland, OR

“Got this as a gift from my parents and used it four times so far including a female issue, migraine headache and twice for food poisoning. Really comforting people at MDLive.”

Hannah O, Bowling Green, KY

“The app is on my cell phone but haven’t used it yet. Friend has used MDLive and highly recommends it”

Isaiah L, Brooklyn, NY